1. Emotional, Touching and Moving - Boys Like You by Juliana Stone

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    Emotional, Touching and Moving - Boys Like You by Juliana Stone

    Sometimes you come across one of these rare gems in the book world. These books that you pick up with no exceptional expectations, but then you are suddenly completely sucked in and fell completely and utterly in love. That is what happened with me and Boys Like You!

    These kids broke my heart! Now please make it whole again…

    We know early on that both Nathan and Monroe have a horrible past, where both made mistakes that apparently had dire consequences. It will take us a while to figure out what exactly has happened that broke these two kids so completely that they are barely living anymore, until they find each other!

    As I said in the beginning, this book broke me. I didn’t expected it to so incredibly emotional and touching, yet I was sucked into this book so completely, suddenly invested into Nathan’s and Monroe’s happiness.

    When Love shines even in the darkest places…

    Monroe and Nathan both are suffering from what they have done, they are completely sure whatever happened is all their fault and now they are living, grieving in a lake of guilt. It is heartbreaking to see them – it’s heartbreaking to see such young people suffering so much, paired with a feeling that they did not deserve any happiness anymore.

    Monroe is send to her Grandmother when her parents have no idea what to do with her anymore, sending her away feels like the last straw to get Monroe back. But Monroe is refusing to heal, refusing to talk – but then she didn’t count on her Grandmother who is just the most amazing and wonderful person. I loved how she forced Monroe to get up  in such a subtle way, she was just perfect!

    Then there is Nathan and also his story will break our little hearts! It brings me to tears both for Nathan and for what happened. Also Nathan can not move on alone. And then these two kids find each other and finally they have someone to trust, someone worth being happy for and finally, slowly the begin to heal together…

    Bewitched Rating

    Bottom Line

    Boys Like You by Juliana Stone is as heartbreaking as it is full of wonder, love and beauty! It’s a touching story full of grieve, heart ache and loss, but it also shows they way back to the light. Filled with strong characters and the most wonderful and sweet romance Boys Like You will break your heart and put it back together!

    It’s a gem among the YA Contemporaries stories that I can’t recommend enough!


    Don’t you love these books that surprise you so much? These books that you open, not expecting much but then are blown away? Boys Like You was that for me, and I hope many people will read Nathan and Monroe’s story! 

  2. The Falconer by Elizabeth May

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    The Falconer by Elizabeth May

    So here is what happened. I saw the book around and dismissed it – no idea why, but somehow I didn’t care enough to read it. Then, Jenny (Supernatural Snark and my never-wrong-when-it-comes-to-books-we-both-love friend) told me to pick up The Falconer as soon as I can , because it totally reminded her of The Fafever series from Karen Marie Moning.. Uhm… OK! Get me the book now :)

    Delicious Genre Mix Up with a fierce heroine!

    I love it when authors effortlessly mix up genres and here, we find a fantasy like story based in the Victorian aged Scotland filed with elements of Steampunk. It’s a wonderful mix, that one I can tell right away. The setting lures the reader in right away, with a heroine who comes from old money and who used to spend her time with beautiful gowns on balls to dance with young gentlemen before she became an assassin of the fey! After Aileana saw her mother being killed by fey she made it her mission to kill all the fey and avenge her mothers death. This turned her from being a girly to a fierce heroine, who doesn’t care about anything else apart from killing the next fey…

    This dedication made her both fierce, strong and fearless – it left her also pretty much alone and also a little sad. She cannot tell anyone about what she sees and why she turned so drastically after her moms death. Even more, her father is utterly cold and not much help either.

    Mysterious Protector, Teacher and .. more?!

    Kierran is of course what draws us girls in the most. He’s the mysterious Fae who seems to hate the fey just like Aileana does – but his reasons escape us for most of the book. He teaches Aileana to slay and kill and he does it with no excuses. He’s cold , deadly and we have no idea what he’s up to! Also, we wonder constantly if there is more to him, that he has maybe feelings for Aileana – but we are just as clueless about him and his motifs as Aileana.

    But he’s what gives the story an edge, a dark secret that turns the story from nice to awesome, the secret that raises the stakes for not just Aileana but everyone else!

    Oh and .. I should say that I just love this cold mysterious bastard? Yes, I’m like that:) But in literature these are the men/boys that draw me in!

    Dark, explosive fierce and amazing!

    The story filled with these amazing character was awesome! In the beginning it was a little slow and it took me a little while to get into it, but then… oh then it picked up paces incredibly and soon the slow beginning was forgotten. I should mention a few of the side characters who were no less awesome, I loved Alieana’s best friend who was wonderfully loyal, and then there is Derek – Oh Gosh he was so cute! A tiny little pixie who got drunk on honey, he was the cutest!

    And. I shouldn’t leave this review without mentioning the romance. The romance was there, but I expect it to be even stronger in the next book. It took a while for the romance to hit off and then it was not as sizzling as I was hoping it to be… Still!! The story left me amazed, dazed and happy that Jenny told me to read it:)

    Bewitched Rating

    Rating 4.5

    Bottom Line

    The Falconer by Elizabeth May was an dark, edgy blend of genres filled with all the good things we know from Steampunk, historical settings and the blend of fantasy. While Alieana is a fierce, strong heroine the mysterious Kierran drives the story to a new high and his secrets and enigmatic persona draws us in and holds us captive!


    Watch The Trailer

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  8. The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa - Blog Tour and Review

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    The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa - Blog Tour and Review

    Oh I’ve been a fan of Julie Kagawa since I read her first book The Iron King – and ever since I feel deeply in love with her stories. The Blood of Eden Series combines her incredible world building with my (still) favorite paranormal creature: Vampires!

    But.. all good things must come to an end so welcome to the Blog Tour for:

    The Spectacular Conclusion to the Epic Dystopian Trilogy


    The Forever Song by Julia Kagawa

    Final book #3 in the Blood of Eden series

    The Forever Song_CoverRelease: April 15th, 2014 by Harlequin Teen

    Allison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?

    With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer.


    Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But the path is bloody and long, and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions—her creator, Kanin, and her blood brother, Jackal.

    The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost— the last vampire-free zone on Earth, Eden. And Sarren has one final, brutal shock in store for Allie. In a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat, Allie will face her darkest days. And if she succeeds, triumph is short-lived in the face of surviving forever alone.

    Allie has been through a lot. From becoming a Vampire in The Immortal Rules  to slowly accepting being a creature she always despised. We left Allie in a state of pure horror and devastation at the end of The Eternity Cure.

    Hell, we’ve all been shocked! But, Julie Kagawa knows exactly what to do a Reader to make us both love and hate her:) The ending of  The Eternity Cure was shocking and Readers have been desperately dreading and wishing for The Forever Song!

    The Forever Song is dark and it brings Allie to her knees in what she can endure and who she wants to be. Allie struggles a lot with the loss of Zeke and struggles to keep her humanity, something she always valued so much. This struggle drives the story, together with the run to rescue not only humanity but also also all vampires. The whole world and both humans and Vampires are in danger and Allie, Kanin and Jackal are the only ones that might come to their rescue.

    In this final conclusion we find ourself in a heart pounding and thrilling race, that takes nearly everything. I said it before, and will say it over and over again – Julie Kagawa is a master storyteller who never holds back, who never spares us and her characters anything. And this is what you should also expect from The Forever Song. It’s shocking and sometimes even dreadful, but it’s such an absorbing story that never had dull or boring moments.

    The Forever Song also comes with stunning twits, that will make us laugh and cry. Sure enough, there are lots of emotions in this final conclusion and eyes won’t stay dry for very long!

    The ending was perfect! Even though I am sure many people ar dreading the end, and will hate the way the story ended. I personally think it was the best and perfect way to end this story.  I’m excited that I can leave this story and world behind me with satisfaction and not with anger or confusion, like so often with series endings.

    Rating 5


    Find The Immortal Rules & The Eternity Cure

     A Legend Begins

    The Immortal Rules_cover The Eternity Cure_cover

    About Julie Kagawa

    Julie Kagawa author

    Julie Kagawa was born in Sacramento, California. But nothing exciting really happened to her there. So, at the age of nine she and her family moved to Hawaii, which she soon discovered was inhabited by large carnivorous insects, colonies of house geckos and frequent hurricanes. She spent much of her time in the ocean, when she wasn’t getting chased out of it by reef sharks, jellyfish and the odd eel.

    To pay the rent, Julie worked in different bookstores over the years, but discovered the managers frowned upon her reading the books she was supposed to be shelving. So she turned to her other passion: training animals. She worked as a professional dog trainer for several years, dodging Chihuahua bites and overly enthusiastic Labradors, until her first book sold and she stopped training to write full-time.

    Julie now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where the frequency of shark attacks are at an all-time low. She lives with her husband, two obnoxious cats, one Australian shepherd who is too smart for his own good and the latest addition, a hyperactive Papillon puppy.

    Watch the Trailer!

     Visit the Blood of Eden website  for more content! 


    Each tour stop is offering up the winner’s choice of either THE IMMORTAL RULES, THE ETERNITY CURE or THE FOREVER SONG – whichever book of the series you might be missing!
    There are also 2 grand prizes:
    • 1 winner will get a complete set of Julie Kagawa’s books, including The Iron Fey Saga and The Blood of Eden Saga!
    • 1 winner will get a $100 gift card from either iTunes, Amazon or Barnes & Noble!
    Please enter via the Rafflecopter form. Giveaway is open to US/Canada and ends May 2nd.


    Tour Schedule

    Follow the tour for many more chances to win and for great posts and exciting Interviews!!


    Monday, April 7th – Harlequin Paranormal Romance Blog
    Tuesday, April 8th – fiktshun
    Wednesday, April 9th – The Page Turners
    Thursday, April 10st – Books and Things
    Friday, April 11th – Ticket To Anywhere

    Monday, April 14th – Two Chicks on Books
    Tuesday, April 15th – Parajunkee
    Wednesday, April 16th – Refracted Light Reviews
    Thursday, April 17st – Bewitched Bookworms
    Friday, April 18th – Mundie Moms

    Monday, April 21th – A Book Obsession
    Tuesday, April 22nd – The Book Cellar
    Wednesday, April 23th – Supernatural Snark
    Thursday, April 24st – The Busy Bibliophile
    Friday, April 25th  – Tyngas Reviews


    So, are you a fan of Julie’s tales just like me? Are you afraid of the ending of The Forever Song? Let me know! 


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  9. Stolen Songbird - Interview with Danielle J. Jensen (Blog Tour)

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    Stolen Songbird - Interview with Danielle J. Jensen (Blog Tour)

    I’m so happy  and thrilled to host Danielle J. Jensen today during her Blog Tour for her debut Stolen Songbird. I absolutely adored and loved Stolen Songbird, so I when I got the chance to chat a little with Danielle, I was super excited!

    Stolen Songbird Tour Banner

    So please welcome Danielle !

    Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for stopping at the Bewitched Bookworms today and for chatting with me about your awesometastic debut “Stolen Songbird”.

    Thank you for having me and for thinking my book is awesometastic :)

    From all the paranormal creatures you could have written about, why did you choose trolls?

    The idea for the story started with the setting. The trolls came into being as I thought about what sort of creatures would live in an underground city. They pretty much created themselves!

    If you could be one paranormal creature, what would you like to be? For me it changes, there was a time I wanted to be a sparkling Vampire (yes there I admit my Twilight obsession) and there are other times I would like to be a Fey…, so what about you Danielle?

    I’m pretty sure every paranormal fan imagines herself as a vampire at some point!! What I want to be usually depends on what I’m reading. I’ve wanted to be a fairy, an elf, a dragon, a shadow hunter, a unicorn, and the list goes on. But my enduring favourite is a shape shifter who takes on the form of a tiger or a leopard. Which is highly ironic given that I am allergic to cats.

    Let’s take a second to talk about Cécile – I absolutely admired her as a heroine. Could you describe her in 3 words for us?

    Optimistic, kind, and feisty.

    And … which 3 words would Tristan choose to describe her?  

    Infuriating, inconvenient, and human.  Brave, tenacious, and beautiful.

    If you would be in Cécile’s situation, kidnapped, about to get married, how do you think you would handle this situation?

    I wouldn’t handle it as well. Unlike Cécile, I’m quite shy with new people, so I’d probably spend the entire time hiding in the library plotting my escape. Good thing this book isn’t about me, or it would be very boring.

    For me, every story needs romance, love and a swoon worthy boy. Does romance play a big role in your reading and writing experience?

    It’s extremely important to me – I adore love stories. Relationships between characters are something that fascinates me, and I try to explore as many as possible in my books. I find that I’m always left feeling disappointed if a romance doesn’t develop within a novel, except in a case where there is a strong friendship to take its place, i.e. Code Name Verity.  That said, I can’t imagine writing a novel that didn’t have a strong romantic element – it’s in my blood.

    Tristan is definitely one of the most interesting, mysterious and intriguing characters I’ve met in a long time. He was so difficult to figure out, which only added to his allure. As a writer, was it hard to develop him as a character and what do you admire most about him?

    I actually find writing Tristan much easier than Cécile, and I think that is because he generally reacts on the basis of logic and she generally reacts based on how she feels. For me, it is easier to write a logical reaction than to insert myself into Cécile’s shoes and puzzle out what she will do. Which makes it interesting when Tristan throws caution and planning to the wind and acts on his feelings.

    What I admire most about Tristan is his dedication to the revolution he leads, because it requires him to be “on” every waking second. By necessity, he is pretending to be someone different than he really is, and I can’t even imagine how exhausting it would be to constantly be careful about everything you say or do. I also admire his intelligence, but given that I am his creator, that’s sort of like saying I admire my own intelligence. Which is weird.

    If you would compare Tristan to other fictional boys, which ones would you choose and why?

    A tall handsome boy with layers of depth and secrets… He’s like every guy in YA!

    I jest. Except not really ;-)

    Tristan can be snarky, and I modeled that a bit after Will in Clockwork Angel, because I love that guy.

    Now, let’s have a minute to talk about Marc. You wrote this beautiful and heartbreaking Love Letter from Marc to his wife, which seriously brought me to tears. Did you expect Marc to have such an impact as a character to your readers?

    I’m pretty proud of that letter – not bad for a first effort! But the answer to your question is no, I didn’t expect for Marc to be the character so many readers latched on to. Although, I do remember my agent saying that she loved him when she called to offer me representation, so maybe that should have been my first clue! Marc’s story is tragic, and I think that appeals to people’s hearts.

    I’ve had several readers ask why I didn’t make Marc the love interest, and there are several reasons for that.

    1. Marc already had his love story, and shoving him into a love triangle would really steal from the poignancy of that loss.

    2. Tristan’s role as the leader of the revolution (which the plot pretty much hangs on) requires him to be ambitious, cunning, and a little bit ruthless, and Marc is none of these things. Marc is a better person than his cousin, but he isn’t a better leader.

    3. Other than his friendships, Marc has nothing to lose, whereas Tristan begins the story with everything. Which means I can take, and take, and take… *cue evil laughter*

    Last but not least, the ending! Oh Danielle, it’s as cruel as it’s amazing, but can you tease us a tiny little bit about what is to come next?

    Book 2 reveals quite a bit more about the friendship between Tristan and Marc. You don’t see much conflict between the two of them in Stolen Songbird, but as I alluded to in Marc’s love letter to Pénélope, that hasn’t always been the case. And won’t always be the case. Tristan made a big mistake in the past, and both of them are going to pay for it.

    Thank you so so much for chatting with me!

    It was my pleasure!

    Stolen Songbird

    by Danielle L. Jensen Series: The Malediction Trilogy #1
    Published by Strange Chemistry on April 1st 2014 
    Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic, Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables, Romance, Young Adult
    Format: ARC
    Source: Publisher
    5 Stars
    For those who have loved Seraphina and Graceling comes another truly fabulous fantasy…

    For five centuries, a witch’s curse has bound the trolls to their city beneath the ruins of Forsaken Mountain. Time enough for their dark and nefarious magic to fade from human memory and into myth. But a prophesy has been spoken of a union with the power to set the trolls free, and when Cécile de Troyes is kidnapped and taken beneath the mountain, she learns there is far more to the myth of the trolls than she could have imagined.

    Cécile has only one thing on her mind after she is brought to Trollus: escape. Only the trolls are clever, fast, and inhumanly strong. She will have to bide her time, wait for the perfect opportunity.

    But something unexpected happens while she’s waiting – she begins to fall for the enigmatic troll prince to whom she has been bonded and married. She begins to make friends. And she begins to see that she may be the only hope for the half-bloods – part troll, part human creatures who are slaves to the full-blooded trolls. There is a rebellion brewing. And her prince, Tristan, the future king, is its secret leader.

    As Cécile becomes involved in the intricate political games of Trollus, she becomes more than a farmer’s daughter. She becomes a princess, the hope of a people, and a witch with magic powerful enough to change Trollus forever

    About Danielle L. Jensen

    Danielle JensenWebsite | Facebook | Twitter

    Danielle was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. At the insistence of the left side of her brain, she graduated in 2003 from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in finance. But the right side of her brain has ever been mutinous; and in 2010, it sent her back to school to complete an entirely impractical English literature degree at Mount Royal University and to pursue publication. Much to her satisfaction, the right side shows no sign of relinquishing its domination.

    Quote from my 5* Review

    Find the full review here. 

    Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen is an outstanding fantastical debut with a marvellous heroine and the most beautiful swoon worthy romance. The setting is wonderfully unique, filled with intriguing magical creatures and woven into a story that left nothing to desire.


    Don’t miss the Love Letter Danielle wrote for the Love Letter event from last month. She wrote a beautiful heartbreaking love letter from Marc to Penelope!

    Are you excited about Stolen Songbird? Do you love a good YA Fantasy with wonderful romance just like I do? If you could ask Danielle a question, what would you like to ask her?


    And here you can enjoy the first 3 Chapters for free!!!! Don’t miss it :)

  10. All Lined Up by Cora Carmack - Rusk University #1 (New Adult Monday’s)

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    All Lined Up by Cora Carmack - Rusk University #1 (New Adult Monday’s)

    Oh you guys!! Cora Carmack is coming with a new New Adult series. I was so so so excited when I heard this, even more  with the addition of a “Friday Night Light” theme, I was jumping up and down! I loved this show so so much! 


    Daddy’s Girl not just in High School, but now also in College! Poor Dallas!

    Dallas didn’t have it super easy with her Dad being the High School Football Coach boys either wanted to impress or were too afraid to approach Dallas.  And her hope for a fresh starts crumpled when her Dad got a job to coach the Football Team at Rush University. Yeah.. nothing is going to change for Dallas and suddenly all Football boys are off limits for her as well….  Especially since she’s been burned by a Football player in High School she doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

    Dallas is alone with her Dad and they do not have an easy relationship which makes matters even worse now that she can’t escape…

    “Dad still approaches parenting like I’m a member of his team. And I ……. I’m still stuck. In my father’s shadow.” ARC- All Lined Up

    “Dad really only has two faces: normal and pissed. And football. Footballs gets its own expression, though it overlaps with pissed a lot.” ARC- All Lined Up

    Sweet, Beautiful Romance with lots of Chemistry!

    But of course, as much as she wants to avoid Football playing boys, when she meets Carson suddenly her resolve is slowly dissolving. Carson is not what she expected and at first they both seemed fine to just be friends. However, as good as they are as friends their sizzling chemistry is something both can’t deny forever.

    Dallas is a wonderful girl, who can be shy and reserved, but than can also be a force of nature when she needs to be. I loved this about her. She’s a wonderful soul who pours all her heart into dancing, there she can put all her emotions in.#Carson on the other side is not our usual football prodigy. He has to fight for a place in the team, he doesn’t have a football scholarship and his whole life plans are at stack.

    Still, when they both fall for each other – hard-  even all the logic cannot keep them from each other. Loved the romance so much, Dallas and Carson were so perfect and so good for each other and it was pure delight following them in their quest to figure out that sometimes you have to fight for love and that when you found someone so important,  all your rules are suddenly tossed aside!

    Bewitched Rating

    Bottom Line

    All Lined Up by Cora Carmack – was a delightful, endearing and romantic story about finding love, fighting for it and then do everything to keep it – even if it was so very much not what you expected at first. Dallas and Carson were cuteness, but also there was lots of sizzling and hot chemistry between them!

    Fans of New Adult romance and fans of Friday Night Lights will devour this new kick off into the Rusk University series! 

      New Adult contemporary 

    Additional Info

    I always read the Acknowledgements and Author notes and  Cora Carmack was so wonderful and personal which made the story even more previous. Cora was also the daughter of a football coach in High School and knows what comes with being in such a special situation.
  11. My Friday Love - New Bookish Deals March/April 2014

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    My Friday Love - New Bookish Deals March/April 2014

    Happy Friday Welcome to our Friday Feature!


    My Friday Love is a weekly  where we want to share what we loved during this past week.

    My Friday Love is…

    New Bookish Deals and Books to look forward too..

    Oh Guys there are some amazing books coming in the next years! I’m so excited to hear which ones you are excited about more!

    “Natashya Wilson at Harlequin Teen has bought a new series by bestselling author Gena Showalter in a six-figure, two-book deal. The currently untitled series, is, according to Harlequin, about a “dangerous rivalry for souls and star-crossed love” that is “set in a world where real life begins after death.”  - Source Publishers Weekly

    LOVE Gena Showalter so much and I’m excited she#s going to write the next YA series after Alice in Zombieland will be over! Go Gena!

    “Kristin Daly Rens at HarperCollins imprint Balzer + Bray has bought, in a six-figure deal, two books in a YA fantasy series by Rosamund Hodge, author ofCruel Beauty. The new series, pitched as “Romeo and Juliet meets Sabriel,” re-imagines Shakespeare’s story of feuding families and doomed lovers in a city threatened by necromancers and protected by “the Juliet,” a girl born in every generation with powerful magic. Publication will start in spring 2016 - Source Publishers Weekly

    Cruel Beauty was so different and awesome so I can’t wait to read her next series!

    Sara Sargent at Simon Pulse has acquired Last Year’s Mistake and an untitled YA novel by debut author Gina Ciocca. In the first book, Kelsey is given the chance to start over: move to a new city, shed her old reputation, begin afresh. But a year later, the boy she desperately wanted to forget – the one who’d confessed his love for her – shows up and changes everything. Publication is scheduled for summer 2015;” - Source Publishers Weekly

    Sounds like a great Contemporary! 

    Sara Sargent has also acquired, in a pre-empt, Heartless Things and an untitled YA novel by Lisa Maxwell. In the story, Gwen and her best friend are abducted to a dark world akin to Pan’s Labyrinth called Neverland, but it’s nothing like the fairy tale. To rescue her friend, Gwen must decide whether to trust a roguish young pirate or the boy who calls himself Pan. Publication is scheduled for spring 2016;  - Source Publishers Weekly

    Neverland and Peter Pan??? A young pirate????? Oh please bring it on!

    Michael Strother at Simon Pulse has acquired, in a pre-empt, two YA novels by debut author Tim Floreen. The first, Willful Machines, is a light SF story centered on Lee Fisher, the closeted son of an ultra-conservative president, who loves science, robots and possibly, the Shakespeare-obsessed new boy at school. But when a sentient computer program turns into a terrorist threat, Lee’s life and secrets are in danger. Publication is planned for fall 2015; - Source Publishers Weekly


    SO we get more Paranormal, more Scifi and Contemporary! I Personally am the most excited about Gena’s new series and the Pirate/Peter Pan story!! 

    What about you guys?? 


  12. The Taking by Kimberly Derting

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    The Taking by Kimberly Derting

    Oh how much I Love The Body finder Series from Kimberly Derting. It has one of the sweetest romances and  I loved the mystery part. The Taking sounds equally amazing and I couldn’t be any more excited for this new series

    Loosing 4 years – Everything has Changed, just ..not You!

    Kyra just lost 4 years! she comes back, has no idea where she was, she didn’t even realized she was gone, and now everything has changed! A new family where her mom just remarried, got a new kid and her father who never got over the fact that she simply disappeared a few years ago.

    All her friends are away in College now and  even worse, her boyfriend is also comes with a new girlfriend.

    Heavily confused Kyra needs to find her place in this new/old life and tries to understand what happened to her. And those secrets are much more dangerous than she could ever image!

    We start with a contemporary story and then shift towards a thrilling SciFi mystery!

    In the beginning Kyra is just so lost and confused. Everything has changed, everyone wants her to explain what happened, but she has no idea! She felt disconnected from her family and cannot fit anywhere anymore. The first part of the story deals with Kyra adjusting to this new life. Then, the story shift when someone just like Kyra contacts her and suddenly she#s on the run and discovers secrets she would have been better of without.

    The book really has two part, in mood and in pacing and I actually liked this shift and think it was very well done and easily kept me hooked! The story turns into a more paranormal/SciFi direction which was both thrilling, frightening and exciting.

    Oh the Romance.. Oh Tyler!

    *swoon* I just knew Kimverly Derting would give us a boy to swoon over! And Tyler was just The PERFECT boy. Interestingly, he’s the kid brother of Kyra’s Ex-Boyfriend – talk about an awkward situation here.. But even they were 4 years apart when Kyra left, they are now the same age and he’s the only one who is truly there for her. She easily connects with Tyler, more than with everyone else and this friendship is what keeps her grounded.

    Seriously, I love their easy friendship and wonderful romance so much!! It was sweet, but also hot, sexy and so so soo romantic! Tyler is wonderful, he’s supportive and he’s so very much in love with Kyra!

    “Take your time Kyra. I’m not going anywhere” he told me as he came around (…) “I’ll wait till your figure things out.”  -ARC, The Taking 

    “Love required sacrifice and making hard choices and doing things that were bigger than just you. It wasn’t something you asked for, or could control or change. It was something you accepted. 

    Love was a force of nature. ”   -ARC, The Taking 

    Bewitched Rating

    Bottom Line

    The Taking by Kimberly Derting was such an amazing, thrilling Contemporary – Scfi that was so wonderfully romantic.


    So do you also love Kimberly Derting as much as I do? The Body Finder was amazing and Kimberly can create the most wonderful boys to swoon over!

  13. Waiting on Wednesday - Lailah by Nikki Kelly

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    Waiting on Wednesday - Lailah by Nikki Kelly

    Welcome to my favorite Feature:

    “Waiting on” Wednesday is hosted weekly by Jill at Breaking the Spine.


    Lailah by 

    Series: The Styclar Saga #1

    Expected publication:  October 7th 2014 by Feiwel and Friends

    goodreads| pre-oder: amazon

    Lailah by Nikki Kelly

    The Cover looks creepy and mysterious!

    The girl knows she’s different. She doesn’t age. She has no family. She has visions of a past life, but no clear clues as to what she is, or where she comes from. But there is a face in her dreams – a light that breaks through the darkness. She knows his name is Gabriel.

    On her way home from work, the girl encounters an injured stranger whose name is Jonah. Soon, she will understand that Jonah belongs to a generation of Vampires that serve even darker forces. Jonah and the few like him, are fighting with help from an unlikely ally – a rogue Angel, named Gabriel.

    In the crossfire between good and evil, love and hate, and life and death, the girl learns her name: Lailah. But when the lines between black and white begin to blur, where in the spectrum will she find her place? And with whom?

    Gabriel and Jonah both want to protect her. But Lailah will have to fight her own battle to find out who she truly is.

    Nikki Kelly first published LAILAH on Watpatt and super fast gained more than 2 million excited readers. I love these kind of success stories and I’m so happy to Nikki Kelly that she got such an amazing deal with Feiwel and Friends. 

    Just head over there and look at some of the comments, it makes me even more excited than I already am. This story sounds so so  fantastic. A little creepy, but unique and amazing. 

    And.. there are Vampires and Angels and Mysterious Boys! YEAH, all the good things I just love to read about!!


  14. House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple

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    House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple

    House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple comes with such a beautiful and catching cover and promised to be a entertaining and very magical Young Adult story.

    All Magic Come With a Prize

    Ok I admit, that I totally borrowed from Once Upon A Time here, but Magic in House of Ivy & Sorrow truly always comes with a prize, as in some hairs, a fingernail or other weird things, some more horrific than others, and of course highly depends on the magic the witch wants to cast.

    The witch and magic lore in House of Ivy & Sorrow is truly unique and wasn’t cute, or sweet or swirly. Magic is a little darker here and magical spells all need some weird (super weird) ingredients. But, these highly unique and more old school witchcraft added this contemporary young adult story a little extra.

    Witches, Strangers and Mysteries

    Jopsephine grew up being a witch and always knew that she’s the last of  a very powerful bloodline, where female witches often got cursed like her mothers (which also ultimately results in death…) So she was heavily guarded by her Grandma (which I adore!!) and knew she needed to be careful not to end up death. So when a mysterious stranger comes into town, suddenly she’s in between the desperate wish to be normal, have normal friendships and even date a boy and being the sole survivor of a powerful witchline.

    Jo actually managed to handle both worlds quite fantastically and we find in Jo a girl, who is both normal, cute and girlish and on the other hand a soon-to-be powerful witch. Clearly, she doesn’t have it easy struggling both lives, but Joe managed this quite wonderfully.

    OoOO so many wonderful people!!

    Clearly, this story lives from a colourful cast of amazing characters. I picture Nana like one of these old witches. She was so easy to love with her fierce protectiveness of Jo and her powerful witchcraft. Jo and Nana were such a great team, even when they not agreed!

    Then, there are Jo’s best friends and how much I loved these girls together. They loyal and loving friendship was wonderful. I always love when protagonists finally share their secrets with their best friends as it only feels natural for them to do so.

    Last but not least we have two boys who couldn’t be more different from each other but are equally flashy. Winn is the cute Farmboy-Next-Door, who loves his family and falls head over heels for Jo. Their romance was cute and light and could have been a little more intense. Often I felt like Jo and Winn were even younger than 16 which often turns me off a romance very fast.

    Of course we are now missing the Bad-Boy which comes in the form of Levi. He’s such a mysterious and great character, who made it very hard to put him into one of our cute little boxes of good and evil. I love that about characters and Levi is definitely mysterious and added some thrill and maturity into the story.

    Bewitched Rating

    Rating 4

    Bottom Line

    House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple was an intriguing tale filed with old school witchcraft set into a very contemporary setting. The cast of characters is outstanding with a spunky heroine and terrific supporting friends and family members. Sometimes Jo felt a little too young for me, which easily turned into childish behavior.


    Love old school magic? The one with herbs, fisheye and other bizarre ingredients? Or do you prefer the more modern take on witchcraft?

  15. Dark and Surreal - Great by Sara Benincasa

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    Dark and Surreal - Great by Sara Benincasa

    A Retelling of The Great Gatsby, with a contemporary setting among the rich and famous during a summer in The Hamptons?  Yeah – let it come!!

    Normal Life – Yet Summers among the rich and famous!

    Noami usually lives with her dead having anormal life. The summers however she spends with her mom, who is a super rich TV cook. I imeadiately loved Naomi as she was not impressed by  her moms money, nor did the rich and famous impress her. Naomi was just a normal girl, who wanted friends and a true loving mom, not the fake loving one her mother usually played.  I loved Naomi’s character, as she felt incredibly strong and real for me.

    Dark, surreal and  a comic like satire

    What I didn’t expect was the tone and turn of the story into a comic like surreal satire. The surreal feeling when we meet Jacinda was truly unexpected, but once I got used to it, it was easy to go with the flow and just let it work its charms on me. Jacinda is major part in the story and was both surreal, comical but also very tragic. Jacinda was bubbly, extravagant and totally out of context.  It felt like she could do anything, has no limits.

    But there was something very tragic around her and we only realized this slowly during the progress of the story.

    Money, Love, Friendship and where do we belong?

    How much can money buy? Can it by love and friendship? Major aspects dealt with these kind of questions.

    There was some romance, yet it didn’t go in the direction I was hoping for. I was happy seeing Naomi falling in love besides all her judgment of rich-people and that she found a boy she liked easily. What I didn’t like was the direction his character was going towards the end of the book. In this story it felt like all rich and wealthy people come with a bad character and cannot help themselves but judge poorer people. I would have loved to see that there are also wonderful and nice people among the rich and famous, but the overall story made us believe they are all corrupted. Which I cannot belive. Money per se doesn’t make you a bad person. I would have loved to see this romance develop more and make Noami open her eyes and see that each person has their own flaws, not matter how much money!

    Then the end… I think my biggest problem was the end. As I said just above about the romance, the ending was not how I would have liked to see it end. I was hoping for just a little more for Naomi, which sadly didn’t came.

    Bewitched Rating

    Bottom Line

    Great by Sara Benincasa was a dark and very surreal satire that comes with a truly wonderful, strong main character.  Corruption, poor judgmental characters and our down-to-earth heroine among them, trying to find a place.


    I admit, I have never read The Great Gatsby so I can’t say anything about the re-telling aspect. Have you read it? Are you excited about Great?